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A co-op salon loft where earth, beauty, health, community, and surf collide into pure bliss! Stop by so I can meet you, get to know you, and pamper you!



Hello, my name is BRENDIE ACERET.

Born & raised in sweet Hilo, Hawaii x currently living in the heart of Huntington Beach, CA.

I am a mama of three, business owner, full time Esthetician, Certified Sugarist + Licensed Natural Cosmetic Tattoo Artist

After 5 years in the beauty industry and an absolute obsession with all things beauty. I started Sugar Haven in June 2017 with the intent to create a life for myself and my family that was beautiful, bringing joy as well as beautify others on a daily basis and satisfied my desire to make my sweet dreams a reality. Specializing in Brow Shaping, Full Body Sugaring, Skin Care, and Natural Feather Stroke Brows.

All my ALOHA